The "Suntetu" is publishing by my friend Mr. Mititoshi TAMAI. He started to publish the Suntetu by post card from 1989 with 160 copies. Now he publish the Suntetu 1500 copies.

He expressed his thought about the Suntetu on first issue as follows;

"I became 46 yeas old. I would like to express my thought by this card. It is little bit troublesome for you. But I do not sting you by the wards."

SUNTETU JUKU (Private school Suntetu)

You are a teacher and a student

We learn from people

We promote exchange of people

I am aiming to make these field

Mr. Tamai started this private school at December 1995.

Movie Show

Long Documentary Film "Echigo Oku Miomoe"
This Film shows a traditional life style in mountanious area in Niigata Prefecture. We can learn how to make a relationship between human and nature.

Date:December 20 (Sat)
9:00- 9:20-12:10 First part 13:00-16:00 Second part At:Fukui International Activities Plaza, No.1 and No.2 conference room Fee: 2,000yen
Please take lunch yourself
Contact to:Tamai 0776-53-0412, Onodera 0776-98-3805, Maegawa 0776-52-8862

Snapshots of the Suntetu Juku

The Nakaikemi marsh area is becoming famous. A very big LNG base will be established in this area.
I remembered and enjoyed my childhood. I could find a lot of insects, animais and plants which were very common in old days.
Guide: Representative of ecoactivity group "Shibora no kai"
Date: June. 15, 1997
Participant: about 20

We challenged a hand made beer using "Beer making kit B" inported from England.
Guide: Representative of "Houei" private school
Date: Sep. 29, 1996
Participant: 29

Observation tour for the ruin of Samurai resident
Guide: Mr. Yasuhide YOSHIOKA
Date: May 12, 1996
Participant: 39

Picnic to the plum blossom garden
Guide: Dr. Tsuyoshi WATANABE
Date: March 17, 1996
Participant: 51

Public lecture: "Foreign agriculture is aiming Japan's agriculture"
Lecturer:Mr. Yuuji MURAKAMI
Date: January 28, 1996

Human communication
It is important to hold these traditional communication

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