Fukui Agricultural Experiment Station

A Meeting of Agricultural Research Adviser was held

A Meeting of Agricultural Research Adviser was held at conference room of the station on December 6th,1996. The member of the meeting includes farmers, consumeres, researchers in college and so on.
The purpose of this meeting is picking up their opinions and reflect these opinions to our research theme. This kind of meeting is a first attempt in prefecture's research stations in Japan. We expect the result of the meeting.

The Station was opened to the public

Our Agricultural Experiment Station was open to the public from June 21 to June 22, 1996 in 16 years. About 1600 people came to the station in spite of the bad weather. It wa closed withe succeed.

The memorial of the rice variety "Koshihikari" erected in 1984

The rice breeding greenhouse for 3 generation a year

New rice varieties developed in this station.



Development of direct sowing method on drained paddy fields.

Protplast fusion.

Development of disease control using mycroorganism

Analysis of soil nutrient.

Studies on insect behavior

Measurement of nutrient loss from upland soil by Lysimeter

Study of farm management

Technical exchange among forein countries.

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