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Mr. Hironobu Michisita who runs large farming near the Eiheiji temple of Zen.(1998.8.23)
Mr. Takeshi Yamada started greenhouse rock wool farming in Sabae city.(1998.8.23)
Mr. Hiroki Yoshida who has quit his job and started farming in the suburb of Sabae City.(1998.8.23)
I gave a lecture on the trainee course "Agricultural Extension Service for Leader 2". I show a text of this lecture.(1998.5.24)
I attended 1st conference of AFITA and gave a speech on Jan. 24th, 1998.
The 4th Farmers' Festival was held at the Ecolo-Farm Yamazaki on Nov.23, '97(1998.2.8)
Private School "Suntetsu" will show a long documentary film on Decenber 20(1997.12.1)
Mr. Masatsugu Anjitsu who grows rice in the suburb of Fukui City as a leading farmer.(1997.9.5)
The Suntetu Juku was held at a conroversial marsh area "Nakaikemi" on June 15. (July 21)
Mr. and Mrs. Yamazaki who live in mountainous area are introduced in the Peaple of Fukui. (Apr. 14)
Organic rice grower Mr. Hirofumi Itou is introduced in the People of Fukui.(March 2nd)
Mr and Mrs Yagi has dreams of managing a French cusine restrant using their organic vegitable.(March 2nd)
Mr.Naoshi ITO who is a new farmer is introduced on People in Fukui. (Jan. 26)
I went to Mikuni to remove spilled oil from sunken tanker as a volunteer. Link to spilled oil(Jan. 16)
A meeting of Agricultural Research Adviser was held on Dec. 6th. (Dec. 31)
I introduce Yamamoto Farm and Mitani Farm. (Dec. 31)
We held a Harvest Festival at farmers house on Nov. 23rd. Some snapshots in it.
Argue Meeting held a lecture on Oct. 19th.
I tried to make a beer at the "Houei" private school in Miyama Town.

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