"Azemiti no kai" (Society of a footpath in field)


The 5th Harvest Festival(Nov. 23,1998)

The 5th Farmers' Harvest Festival was held at the Eiheiji-Farm, near the Eiheiji Temple where is famous for Zen spirit, run by Mr. and Mrs Mitishita on Nov. 23rd 1998. The festival was mainly held in big green house. There were about 1000 attendants.
We also had a public lecture as the eve of the festival. The lecture was about hortitherapy with 40 audiences.
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The 4th Harvest Festival(Nov. 23,1997)

The 4th Farmers' Harvest Festival was held at the Ecolo-Farm Yamazaki on Nov. 23rd 1997. The Farm is located in Ota Town where takes 40 minutes by car from the center of Fukui city.
Farmer's talk, a spot sale by producers, and lot of events were supported by 1,000 citizens.

Extension officeres played music to make a cheerful festival.

Members of "Azemiti" helped preparation of this festival.

Snapshops in the 3rd Harvest Festival

The 3rd Harvest Festival was held by farmers on November 23rd 1996. This year's host farmers are Mr and Mrs Yamamoto at Sugitani-cho in Fukui-city. About 800 people including farmers and consumers participated the festival. The Mayer of Fukui city was one of participants.
I participated the festival as a staff. And I took some pictures.
I show you some pictures as follows.

What is the Azemiti no kai?

The "Azemiti no kai" means a society of the field's path. This society is composed of farmers and their related people. They published four books and publishing quarterly bulletin which are shown below.

Published books and bulletin by the Society

*"AZEMITI NO SIGUNAL" (Signal of field path), Kiyoshi NAKAGAWA, Published May 1991

*"AZEMITI NO SIGUNARU II" (Signal of field path part II), Yorozu NATSUI, Shigeru KORO, Hideo KAWASAKI, Masatugu ANJITU, Kiyoshi NAKAGAWA, Published June 1993

*Quarterly bulletin "MITI", Publishing from Jan, 1994

*A book of painting "KUZURYU GAWA", Mitsuru NATUI, Published Dec. 1995

*Essay of 18 farm women "KAZE NO SASAYAKI TSUTI NO TSUBUYAKI", Published May 1996

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