People in Fukui

Mr. Hironobu MICHISHITA(56) and his wife and daughter live in Eiheiji where are very famous for Eiheiji temple of Zen. Their farm include rice planting, rice seedling, trust cultivation and greenhouse vegetable (tomato, spinach etc.) cultivation.
He runs his farming very well because he had worked as a bank clerk. Our group will have 5th Farmers Festival at his farm on November 23rd, 1998. (1998.8.22)

Mr. Takeshi YAMADAstarted farming after graduation of the University. He succeed to his mother's farming. His mother aimed to make large farming. She introduced greenhouse rock wool tomato cultivation on 1992. She handed this rock wool cultivation part to his son.(1998.8.22)

Mr. Hiroki YOSHIDA(30) quit his job( a national government official) and started farming in 1996. He cultivate chrysanthemum in greenhouses which are located in the suburbs of Sabae city. Since he is a beginner, he experienced a lot of files in his farming. But now, he become skilled in farming. (1998.8.22)

Mr. Masatsugu Anjitsu (48)is a leading farmer who lived in the suburb of Fukui City. He runs his farm by his own labor power. He is also managing a network of farmers and works as a manager of "Azemiti no kai." (1997.9.4)
Telephone:0776-54-7565(include FAX)

Mr. and Mrs. Shigenobu YAMAZAKI(47) live in Ota town which is located in a mountainous area. They produce rice seedling, vegitable seedling, flower pots and rice. They also have contract rice farming.
They name their farm as "Ecolo Farm Yamazaki" and are devoted to propagate an impotance of agriculture. They hold an open-air private school for agriculture four times in a year. On of these open-air private scholl is a Harvest Festival produced by "Azemiti-No-Kai." (1997-4-14)
Telephone:0778-36-1698(farm office),0776-36-0631(regedence)  

Ikeda Town is located in the mountainous area in Fukui prefecture. Mr. Hirofumi ITO is a rice farmer in this area. He grow rice plant without any chemicals about 2ha and grow rice only one time harbicide about 6ha. The most important program of organic rice farming is how to reduce weeds in rice field.

Mr. Keiichi YAGI (31) was working for French cuisine restaurant in Tokyo. He came back Fukui and started to grow organic vegetables.
Now he works for French restaurant as a part-time employee. His dream is managing his French cuisine restaurant and use the vegetable which grow his organic farming.

I visitedt Mr. Naofumi ITO's log house located in rural moutainouse area in Katuyama City. He came from big city Kyoto with his wife on 1990. His dream was to live in rural area and to start farming. Now he rise 500 layers with no cage no chemical feed. He enjoys his life style.
He is a member of natural polutory farming.

I visited Mitani Farm on December 28th, 1996. They grow vegitable seedling and flower seedling and they manage flower beds.
Mr & Mrs Kenji Mitani started their farm from vegitable production about 20 years ago. They changed from vegitable production to seedling production and they expand their farm. Now, they employs eight person and accept indnesian trainee.
They learn gardening from Asia and Europe and work energitic.

The third Harvest Festival was held at this Yamamoto farm on November 23rd, 1996. About 800 farmers and consumeres participate the festival. The Mayer of Fukui city flankly talked with paticipants. Mr Mototugu Yamamoto cultivate about 10 ha for rice and Mrs Yamamoto helps her hasband and produce flower such as stock.
Their son Hideaki works as a extension farm adviser.

I visited "Farm House COMUNITA" which is constracting in Ikeda Town on October 8th. The purpose of the house is to provide a field of human exchange in farming villege. It will be open on Novenber 1st. Mr. Sugimoto who is a manager of the house said "I want to provide a exchange field for city people with staying a few days in this house."
Do you know the background of the logotype of "COMUNITA"? It is a soil. This shows his idea of the house.

... ...
This house was opened by female group of farmers at Oono City on September 10th. When I visited the house, they prepared the opening. Mrs. Tateishi who is a represent of the groupe said "We want to exchange with consumers and to catch a needs of consumers in this house."

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