This page shows my personal links

Home of ZEN "Eiheiji Temple"(
My co-worker Katumi Nakamura open the home page. He introduce the temple precisely. (Japanese only)

Japanese Society of Agricultural Informatics(
JSAI is a very famous japanese agricultural home page. You can find a lot of links about agriculture such as the Ministry of agriculture, agricultural associations, agricultural research centers, farmers.

Tippecanoe County Cooperative Extension Service(
An advanced example of an internet use in Cooperative Extension Service. The extension office located in Lafayette in Indiana State.

Shimane Pre. Agr. Exp. Stn.(
This home page is an advanced example of prefectural agricultural experiment station in japan.

Inter FUKUI(
This is a home page of our Fukui prefectural government.

MITENE is a my home page's provider. Mitene is a biggest provider in Fukui prefecture.

Agape International(
Japan's only no-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to the international community. Ken Joseph will visit Fukui and lecture on October 19th.

MITENE Volunteer(
Volunteer in Fukui prefecture

Progressive Farmer(
I subscribe this Progressive Farmer. It is very famous magazine in the USA.

Online Seminar(
English conversation seminar by ALC

CNN News(
World wide news provider

Farm advisor Mr. Shinichi NOZAKI(
He introduce a direct sowing method of rice plant and others

Farm advisor Mr. Hiroyasu TOKUDOU(
He introduces his interest things include hobby and work.

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