What is the "Argue Meeting"?

Click here for the farewell party in Dan lock's honor (July 17, 2001). These photos were taken by Mike Yokohama and link to his web site.

The Argue Meeting means a meeting for discussing each other. We are discussing about sports, culture, living and so on using English language.

We hold the meeting every Tuesday 6:15pm to 7:45pm at the 1st languege laboratory on 2nd floor of the Fukui International Association. Please come and join our class.



The year 1996 is our tenth anniversary. So we held a lecture about volunteer. We invited Ken Joseph - represent of the Agape House International - from Tokyo. The lecture held at "YOU-AI FUKUI"(Life-long learning & women's center) on October 19 (Sat) 13:30-15:00.

We introduced letters of congratulation from Mr. Peter Argue, Mr. Cecile Lawson Ms. Heather Ogawa and Miss Sayuri Sato at the entrance hall.
At the lecture, Mr Ken Joseph said "The most inportant thing in your life is to find your goal of life. Everyday's job is only a process of achievement of goal."
We had a talk with the lecturer at tearoom about one hour.

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